X7 Partners combines modern data analytics expertise with the fields of marketing and accountancy to help decision makers increase productivity, save on costs or develop new markets

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We have gold-standard expertise and credentials in modern marketing analytics & strategic marketing consultancy. As well as modern digital marketing methods such as social media marketing, inbound, content marketing, SEO, marketing automation and the use of machine learning  within marketing.

Core Services

Data Science

We help achieve goals via bringing machine learning into day to day business activities. We help to predict e.g. customer churn, employee turnover, sales or fraud using our ML and AI expertise and solutions

Data Analytics

We help to discover the hidden value within your data and show how you can use it to produce results across the businesses. Achieve your company goals through sales, people, procurement and customer analytics.

Data Visualisation

We help businesses understand their data through developing visually appealing and insightful visualization dashboards. We give them access to automated cloud dashboards using e.g. Power BI or Tableau for their teams.

Public Sector Analysis

Can help public sector  or non-profit organizations reduce their costs, improve their user experience and increase key metrics  via the use of data analytics. We are sensitive the the specific requirements of government organizations.

Marketing Analytics & Data

A business can have access to huge amounts of digital data through their website and social media and marketing campaigns. Our credentialed experts can help analyse this digital data and providing actionable winning insights.

Training & Development

We can work together with our clients to ensure their team has the winning skills they need with our wide range of analytics training delivered either on site or virtually. All sessions are bespoke and designed to meet specific needs.


Providing Expertise for Your Technology Projects


Excellence in Execution

Professional Consulting

Professionalism communicated in numbers, words and completed projects.

Valuable Ideas

Finding creative solutions is part of our DNA.

Excellent Timing

Projects completed on time and adhering to client expectations.

Deep Research Reports

Providing data, visualizations and analytics is core to our business.


An international perspective with, often, multi-lingual teams.


Experienced, credentialed and verified experts.


An International Perspective

Providing a complete solution means reaching out to experts without borders or constraints.

Our Technology Toolkit

X7 Partners Uses a Broad Range of Data Tools in the Implementation of Projects

Top Four Reasons to Choose X7 Partners


Relying on our expertise is essential to build mutual trust.


Experience is the glue that binds competence, theory and practical application.


Credentialed expertise with strong backgrounds.


Individual delivery or inter-disciplinary teams brought to bear.

    X7 Partners is a ‘knowledge economy’ business data analytics, marketing analytics & commercial property analytics consulting firm active in Europe. We benefit our clients through helping them lower costs, identifying and securing opportunities for them, acquiring and deploying talent for them and improving their bottom line.


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